Montag, 22. November 2010


I am sorry because i couldnt post the last days - i was ill and forced to stay in bed :-/

but i think i should do a new post for you now!

i thought i should tell you about something you have seen in a previos video:
Relative Works Jumping

Well in skydiving you have two very popular disciplines the RW and the Freeflying.
Today i tell you about the RW.
Relative Works is in principle formationjumping. You are trying to do some formations with some people while falling with your belly to the ground^^.

The most common competition disciplines of RW are the 4 and 8 jumper formations. (4way and 8way)
You jump out in 4000 meters and in the moment you are leaving together the plane the workingtime (between 35 and 50 seconds, depends on the competitionrules) in this time frame the teams have to do as much sequences as possible, a sequence can be about 5 or 6 figures/formations out of a defined pool that can be chosen randomly by the team. For every fulfilled figure you get points and the mostly you have some rounds to do.
At the end the team with the most points wins^^
here a video that you can see what i want to explain:

Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

a bit of madness

well as you sure know....I love videos and I want to always like to share them... I found a nice one and a horrible one....
you know skydiving is fun, but not a very harmless fun.
this is a british 4way team...and even if you think you have infinite room in the sky its for some not enough
-like this plane pilot-
...its totally stupid of him, he knows over radio that there are skydivers in the air and he just flys like a mad kamikaze totally blind around....for the divers it was more than luck!

and I just got some more madness for you!

its name is "cutaway madness" and the title is absolutely true :D
they demonstrate some cutaways with a third extra parachute
(and you should never try this at home ^^ because you have just one left )

i hope you enjoy this vids!

Montag, 15. November 2010

some awesome stuff -#2

Hey there!
I think its againt time for the awesome stuff :)

so I recently saw this on mtv and thought I should share this, for those who havent seen the video before:

Well this situation could go horribly wrong and you have to be a bit more than a beginner to do this ;-)
sixty seconds to hook him in correctly are a bit few time
...but man he did it and I think he got a pretty nice adrenaline kick :D

Samstag, 13. November 2010

break "skydive virginity"

Hey Guys!

So what is in bed the "sweet first time" is mostly in the world of Skydiving the

........right!!! Tandemjump!

But what is this? well, you maybe saw the prank in my last post - its about hanging on the belly of somebody while flying towards the fast, closer coming dirt of earth.

Maybe you ask now for some more information - or think what?

So, from the beginning:
You get the appointment to your jump and hope that you get a kick-ass-crazy tandemmaster.

But this is not the difficult stuff - nearly all Skydivers are kick-ass-crazy-people.
Normal people wouldnt jump put of a plane in 4000+ meters / 12 to 15k feet, do they?

 Back to topic - you get our jumpinstructions and maybe look a instruction-video where the most go already tingly all over.
And then wait for the jump.
You climb up into the plane and feel your heart beating really fast - and I can say that many tandemguests are slightly shaking with their feet trought the flight
Now the big time has come: The door opens (and often the single jumpers get out in their insanity first)

You feel the wind, that is blowing very strong into the plane;
 The air is cold as ice and the smell of burned jetfuel fulfills it;
Your heart will nearly jumping out of your body while sitting in the door.
And then the tandemmaster jumps out with you...the wind is nearly taking your breath...its an unbelievable and are falling now with more than 250km/h towards the ground until the parachute opens.

and this was just the beginning
(tandem is like sitting on the backseat of a racingcar...the driving by yourself is much more exciting)

now i hope you got some inspiration!

Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

like pranks?

Hey guys!

so I thought I share this, you surelly know this but for me as a skydiver I find it on one hand really kickass as prank - on the other a bit risky (tandem guests can freak out pretty bad)
I wish I could know what he thinks when he wants to pull the handdeploy to open the chute and realizing the situation :D :D :D


PS:next post will be about a (real/normal) tandem

Dienstag, 9. November 2010

some awesome stuff -#1

well, i post this not just because im a passionated skydiver...even with a sick quality this very short video is fully of skydiving-awesomeness:

these guys jump out of one plane, track to the other plane thats waiting and just hop in, well pretty difficult and awesome...enjoy!

Freitag, 5. November 2010

getting started

bula! and welcome to my brand new blog.

i think i will write about....hmmm...yes just whats ongoing in my head...also im sry4myenglish
lets start with a funny pic:

well.....kkthxbye ppl^^