Montag, 22. November 2010


I am sorry because i couldnt post the last days - i was ill and forced to stay in bed :-/

but i think i should do a new post for you now!

i thought i should tell you about something you have seen in a previos video:
Relative Works Jumping

Well in skydiving you have two very popular disciplines the RW and the Freeflying.
Today i tell you about the RW.
Relative Works is in principle formationjumping. You are trying to do some formations with some people while falling with your belly to the ground^^.

The most common competition disciplines of RW are the 4 and 8 jumper formations. (4way and 8way)
You jump out in 4000 meters and in the moment you are leaving together the plane the workingtime (between 35 and 50 seconds, depends on the competitionrules) in this time frame the teams have to do as much sequences as possible, a sequence can be about 5 or 6 figures/formations out of a defined pool that can be chosen randomly by the team. For every fulfilled figure you get points and the mostly you have some rounds to do.
At the end the team with the most points wins^^
here a video that you can see what i want to explain:


  1. Nice video, hope you're feeling better!!!

  2. ive had a lot of friends do this and its actually not that expensive, so worth it

  3. I wonder why this isn't an olympic sport. After all synchronized swimming is one and both need the same ammount of techniques! Yet, we could argue a while about which sport could and should be considered olympic!

  4. Wow i got to experience this before I die! I wish i had the money to do this stuff >_<

  5. Yes I wish I had so much time on my hands I could practice jumping out of planes and performing coordinated positions...

  6. i've done a couple tandem jumps and there is no feeling in the world like it!!

  7. cool man i always loved this sport :)

  8. hey, really interesting videos in here! following you now!

    by the way, you put the video of travis pastrana skydiving without a chute up here, did you know this one yet?
    here you can see scott plamer of the jackass crew doing pretty much the same thing :)

    feel free to drop by some time :)